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Aug, 2013

NEYSO Liberty SC and FC Thunder Boerne Compete in Inter-Club Friendlies

NEYSO Liberty SC in partnership with FC Thunder Boerne competed in a series of inter-club friendlies yesterday as a tune up for the fall competitive season.  Games took place at our Specht Rd Complex with games starting at 9am and continuing to the final game at 4pm.  Coaches were used to referee each game allowing for a fantastic learning environment.

"Competing in this format is a fantastic exercise for both our players and coaches." Coaches were able to be on the field to guide individuals and small groups to use these games almost as another training session.  Our players got the opportunity to play in a low-pressure environment to feel free to experiment and make mistakes.  "Hopefully, through those mistakes we got better in the process," commented Jon Burklo.

Despite the heat, the games were played at a very high level with both clubs using a style of play valuing possession of the ball.

"That was the most encouraging part of the day for me.  We have a very specific style of play we want to use with all of our teams, and to see every team and every player all playing the same way after only 2 weeks of training was fantastic.  We weren't always successful and we didn't win every game today, but to see each player attempting to play the way we have asked them to is encouraging.  We aren't looking for immediate success.  We are taking a long-term view with all of our teams and players, and firmly believe that if we all buy in to the process, we will be successful in the end," Jon continued.

NEYSO Liberty SC would like to thank the players, coaches, and parents from FC Thunder for attending and helping provide a fantastic day of games.  We look forward to a continued strong relationship!